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Cosmic Casbah Budget (Internal) Aug Estimated - 2023
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Hey Cosmic Family,

It’s almost time! We’ve woven time, planning, and labor into a tapestry of messhead professionalism to create the most ideal burn we can for us all; the chairs at our kitchen table have molded to our bottoms by this point.

Our lone goal in this process has been to expand our offering to both the playa and our playa family. In that pursuit, we have been successful. We will have power for everyone who wants it, we will have a large legacy art installation, and we will have some of the best-sounding parties for camps of our size. We are blessed.

Also in this pursuit, though, the budget has not been as accommodating as we have been. We earmarked $4500 for power distribution and $6000 for a generator, but even with Shaz and Krystle providing the hardware that creates a $20,000 deficit that they will be covering after the $10,000 gift of power they also gave for the 2022 burn.

On top of that, the Isuzu truck that was meant to haul the Love Mirage (as well as being our stage) into playa is currently out of commission with no guarantee of becoming serviceable by build. That’s incurred a $2200 flatbed rental so we can give a major gift and remembrance to playa. We think it’s worth it.

The general cost of the box truck is $3700 rental, let alone the maintenance and storage that has wordlessly been gifted. We are also blessed to receive the gift of sound from Nariman’s $25,000 speakers on playa and at retreats, both of which continue to lower their life expectancy.

We’re choosing to share this now not to solicit praise or controversy - we believe transparency surrounding finance is the way to go. That being said, if you are in a position to help defray some of the cost and join Shaz and Krystle in wholehearted generosity for our family’s enjoyment, it will be gratefully received.

Please reach out to Hot Sauce and we’ll be glad to coordinate as seamlessly as we can. This equation also means we should discuss as a camp what we’d like the offering to be going forward both so that nobody finds themself in this position again and so we don’t have to raise the camp dues to inaccessible levels.

Thank you for your time here, we hope that this update is received in alignment with the spirit of its intention.


Hot Sauce, Shaz, Krystle, and Kash

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