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Burning Man 2023 Cosmic Casbah Feedback

*** This form will close on Monday, September 18th at midnight PST ***

Hey Cosmic family,

What a burn we survived! We are so proud of every one of you for not just your resolve, but for the celebration you were able to maintain in the face of incredible adversity. Thank you for your spirit, your collectivism, and your camaraderie as mother nature tested our cohesion. We have so much to be grateful for relative to how destructive the environment would have become without our shared trust.

It’s clear we succeeded in many of our stated goals. The Tuesday/Thursday gatherings were not only well-attended, but the feedback we received validated our performances on a grand scale. Let’s all thank our DJs, musicians, dancers, and bartenders for their professional performances and the community building that resulted from their efforts. The gifting station saw incredible interaction with many folks clearly cherishing their new treasures. The Love Mirage was an admirable foray into a Cosmic-centric art installation that we will continue to make our own.

We must also acknowledge the many further opportunities we have for growth. Fortunately, we are blessed with immense talent and creativity in our camp, as well as an abundance of leadership potential. In this arena, we need your help.

Attached is a survey which needs your attention. Please take a moment, reflect, and offer us your most honest feedback - we can take it. Gathering up information from each of your perspectives will create a more three-dimensional model of the complete Cosmic burn experience. We will always strive to improve and evolve, now is your chance to help us all shape our shared future.

Leadership must expand. Full stop. We need the powerful and motivated souls among us to step up in their strengths and work together to not only spread the commitments out, but to celebrate their unique gifts in pursuit of excellence. If this describes you and your availability, we want to empower you right now.

The execution of our annual excursion becomes more demanding every year, and while our current structure has allowed for powerful developments in a variety of areas, we need to revive the Cosmic Board. What that looks like is singularly dependent upon who is willing and able to put a hand on the wheel. Please take the time you need to assess your availability and expertise; we will strive to meet you on any level you are willing to access.

Your critical feedback is also of the utmost importance at this time. It is no secret that there was discontent within the camp beyond the instability caused by the rain, and here is the time to air it. Letting this fester by remaining silent does a disservice to you, our family, and future harmony so please let’s get it all out in the open now. As we continue to operate in good faith, all opinion and appraisal will be taken as invaluable information and you can count on peace-driven communication as the only response from our end. We want everyone to be thrilled every year.

Thank you for reading this and engaging with us as we move forward. We appreciate, acknowledge, and love you all and hope these messages are received in the spirit of their intention.

With love,

Krystle, Shaz & Hot Sauce

*** This form will close on Monday, September 18th at midnight PST ***

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