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Cosmic Casbah is dedicated to building a vibrant and inclusive community for creative collaboration and exploration. Our offerings include the following camp projects ranging from art installations to interactive activities and more. At Cosmic Casbah, we invite everyone to contribute and even volunteer to lead projects!  Please read on and let us know which part of camp you would like to assist with planning and executing! We also have several opportunities throughout the year to help build/prepare Camp.


Blue Smoke

Camp Projects

Tribute to the maker of “Love Mirage”

Douglas Jones, aka Skullduggery, attended his first Burn in 2014.
The Love Mirage was envisioned as an acrylic domed-topped observation tower wrapped with art (representative of the event theme on the outside of the structure) with whimsical landings on the inside, inviting guests to make their way up to the pillow-laden observation level. Doug, along with his contractor friend Rob, built the Love Mirage and it made its Playa debut in 2015. From 2015 – 2018, he would set it up at Burning Man, as well as other local regionals like Pagan Bunny Burn and UnSCruz.
Unfortunately, Doug suffered a neck-breaking accident in 2019. Though he recovered significantly, his injuries proved to be too much for him to handle the upkeep and set up of the Love Mirage, but he didn’t want to see his dream end. At last year’s UnSCruz he was actively seeking interns to take it over and return it to its former glory. Quite unexpectedly, Douglas passed away January 2023. I reached out to the Burning Man community and Shaz from Camp Cosmic Casbah replied. It’s as if Doug orchestrated the connection from beyond.


RIP Skullduggery – The Love Mirage will live on!

  • Cosmic Casbah has taken on the Love Mirage in honor of our fellow burner that has fallen. The Love Mirage this year will be representative of the Animalia theme of Burning Man, incorporating a tribute to Doug aka Skullduggery.

  • 24 hours (Sun - Sat)


Cosmic Sound Stage

Sound system with music, lighting and a shaded dancing area. We have DJs making an appearance during our sunset parties and welcome guest DJ's! Live saxophone to join the mix with the DJ's as they do their thing!

  • Daily (Sun - Sat)

  • Various times throughout other interactivity

  • Looking to book DJ’s, know anyone?


Fire Bubbles and Spinning


Have you ever wanted to touch fire without getting burned?If so, you may be a pyromaniac, but listen up you little fire starter because we have the thing for you. Fire bubbles!
Playing with fire never looked so cute! Fire bubbles fuse butane into bubbles to make a flammable foam. When used properly you can hold them and light them without getting burned. A little flame in the palm of your hand.

  • Tuesday

  • dusk (as our Tuesday sunset party is wrapping up)


Afternoon Tea

Each brew of tea is as unique as each moment. Gong fu tea ceremony gently brings you into a mindful presence with every sip. The ceremony coalesces skill, fine tea, and connection, to bring a shared experience that both nourishes and enlivens.

  • Tuesday & Thursday

  • 12pm (noon)

  • 4 campmates per session



Capturing-the-moment magic to facilitate visitors' radical self-expression. It is a phone booth style construction made of plywood on the outside with one end open (covered with a curtain). On the inside: a cosmic painted background and a wall mounted tablet with front facing camera. We will code simple things to invite people to engage with the booth. We will track people's email information so we can email photos from the booth as gifts after the burn. We will email instead of printing any photos, to avoid creating MOOP. It will be located to entice visitors to stop through and check it out.

* 24 hours (Sun - Sat)


Cosmic Skies


Our Camp Lounge will feature a LED “cloud ceiling” suspended underneath our existing shade structure. The clouds consist of a batting type material (sprayed and lacquered to avoid moop) and mounted to a chicken wire backing. LED lights are embedded within the clouds, allowing for dynamic color control, lighting patterns and special events like simulated weather (thunder and lightning). Sequences and “moods” can be triggered by various interactive triggers. These triggers are tbd, but will include things like hidden buttons, pressure sensors, and knobs or dials (think bop-it toy).

  • Nightly (Sun - Fri)

  • After dark

Screen Shot 2023-06-09 at 3.48_edited.jpg

Sunset Parties

Sunset parties are our biggest planned events and offerings of the week. Our party days are all hands on deck days. Everyone in camp has a role and actively contributes to the vibe whether that be setting up, filling the generator with fuel, bartending, hosting, temporary tattoo adornments, MOOPing (rotating). Almost everyone in camp takes a shift or two behind the bar. We create a fun and welcoming space. Prior to the parties as we meet people all across the burn, we will pass out non-MOOPY bracelets with party details printed on them as invitations throughout the week so our new friends can come enjoy the festivities. We will provide: drinks at our custom-built-bar to those who are 21+ (carding of course), refreshments, light snacks, music, photos, temporary tattoo adornments, along with the rest of our interactive features!

  • Tuesday & Thursday

  • 2pm-Sunset

  • All campmates Tuesday

  • All + Maslow campmates Thursday “Love & Belonging”
    (joint with House of Maslow) 


Immersive Energetic Experience

Participants will be guided through an immersive energetic experience, interweaving deeply emotive, textural music with gentle movement, breath-work and spinal energetics. The experience is a pathway through and to you. While being bathed in live looped vocals, strings and synths backed up by the deeply healing sounds of the natural world, participants will be guided through an intuitive movement practice, releasing tension from the body, before anchoring into the depths of a breath-work experience connecting with their inner landscape. After being guided through physical and energetic bodies participants (you) will arrive in a state of deep rest and relaxation to receive energetic healing as bound energy is released to leave you feeling renewed. 

  • Monday morning 11am arrival 

  • Begins with Tea

  • 90 min session running 11:30am - 1pm

  • 4 campmates


Gifting Bazaar

with items of beauty and mystery gifted by campmates and neighbors (2022 neighbors showed A LOT of love) to gift to visitors and passersby of our camp!

  • This is a place where anyone is allowed to take, leave, or trade whatever they would like, whenever they would like. We try and keep it stocked with interesting things throughout the entire week- but depend on you bringing your unwanted treasures and clothes from home to help keep us in stock! Random letters and notes of encouragement are very welcome! Write some before the burn to bring with you, or write one every night before you head out! People love it! 

  • 24 hours (Sun - Sat)

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