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Who We  Are

Cosmic Casbah is a grassroots effort camp founded on the 10 Principles of Burning Man. While it is rooted in Middle Eastern-themed hospitability and vibes- its members include a  diversely talented crazy bunch of best friends who shoot for the moon (both on and off Playa). Cosmic Casbah is one of the 1200+ placed theme camps at Black Rock City this year. It has taken over a decade and an immeasurable amount of blood, sweat, and tears from hundreds of campmates to establish the reputation that we have. We maintain an “A” rating with Placement and intend to keep WOWing everyone while we grow! We are excited to have you on board to contribute in your own unique way to this crazy, amazing camp of ours.



The goal of our community is to: show genuine connection, love, and support. Through intentional action, we strive to create a safe space for individuals to learn and grow into the best version of themselves. We nurture this by choosing to further bring the values of Playa into our everyday default lives.

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We are a diverse group of like-minded individuals that started off as strangers and became family. By being each other's chosen family, we feel we can be open and honest regarding our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health; and help each other work through past and present trauma, on and off Playa. 
We aim to attract strong empathic persons that share the same vision of family and community.


By building community and trust with each other, we pursue uninhibited freedom to heal through art, music, and self-expression. This takes place at Burning Man and continues every day of the year.

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About CAMP

Cosmic Casbah Infrastructure - (what your dues help pay for)


  • A RAD playa address and YOUR space within our theme camp

  • Generator and power grid for our entire camp!!!

  • Diesel for the generator, propane for cooking

  • A new sound system! Start building those playlists NOW! 

  • New shade structures for living area

  • Common area tent and stage with lighting

  • Many couches, recliners, and emperor beds for lounging

  • Shared covered weather-proof kitchen, propane cook-tops and oven, and shaded dining area

  • Cooking utensils, pots, pans, bowls, and serving items

  • Wash station with soap and water for cleanup after you cook 
    *While we have a camp kitchen, we do NOT provide meals as a camp. So remember to pack your own food and hydration! 

  • Alcohol for the communal bar - open to campmates 24/7

  • Cocktail dehydrating station with a different cocktail each day

  • Gatorade hydrating station 
    A Coffee and Tea station

  • Hookahs and Tobacco 

  • Bike racks for parking

  • 2 camp parties for you and all your friends you've met during the week (Tues & Thurs)

  • Camp goodies to gift to fellow burners 

  • Trash and Recycling bins

  • New camp shower (B.Y.O.Water)

  • Kitchen and shower grey water disposal (limited!!!) 

  • Camp first aid kit (comparable to Rampart, minus the x-ray machine)

  • Storage and transportation cost of all this wonderfulness

Camp Dues

This year, 2023, camp dues are $550
and must be turned in by June 1st!!

They include costs for the infrastructure listed above, as well as contributing to the art installations and interactivity we host as a camp (see next section).

Camp expenses are $35,000 - $40,000+. We are still finalizing details and will provide the itemized list once we have actuals & receipts for spend. 

We have finalized the camp infrastructure and the number of possible campmates is set. There are a limited number of people, RV/trailers, and tents we can accommodate with the planned infrastructure; shade, fuel, generator, etc.


We’re requesting that you all submit your camp dues by the above date, regardless of your ticket status, if you’re committed to Burning Man 2022. If for some reason neither you nor any of us is able to source you a ticket, we will refund your camp dues. Also, we understand everyone has different circumstances, if you cannot make the due date, please let us know when you are able to submit dues. 


Zelle -

  • $550

  • Please reach out if you do not have Zelle

Star Cluster_edited.jpg


True to tradition, our camp will host two DAYTIME PARTIES with all hands on deck to get our fellow citizens of BRC pumped and joining in on the fun! It is mandatory that everyone in camp be there to host all our guests and make the party wild! They are as follows:​

  • Tuesday - 2pm to Sunset

  • Thursday - 2pm to Sunset

    In addition to our parties, our bar is open EVERY DAY- so swing by throughout the week and take a random shift! You don't need mixing experience, just gotta be willing to pour and chat up the people!


We also host on Casbah's Playa site, a  GIFTING BAZAAR  where anyone is allowed to take, leave, or trade whatever they would like, whenever they would like. We try and keep it stocked with interesting things throughout the entire week- but depend on you bringing your unwanted treasures and clothes from home to help keep us in stock! Random letters and notes of encouragement are very welcome! Write some before the burn to bring with you, or write one every night before you head out! People love it! 

What epic event doesn't have a PHOTOBOOTH ?!  We have one that sends the pics to your email/phone, for the lucky few who are adventurous enough to find the booth! consider donating fun costumes, props, or hats!  

We also work on various ART INSTALLATIONS every year, so ask a lead what this year's is, and how you can help make it a reality!


  • Monday Morning 9am-noon Camp Orientation (Required) 

  • Tutu Tuesday

      • Most of the Burn community wears tutus. Everybody- all genders! Get, or even better, make a tutu that is YOU!

      • Cosmic Casbah Party

  • White Out Wednesday (dress all in white)

      • Huge party at Opulent Temple Camp

      • At night there are white parties all over Burning Man. 

      • This is also one of the nights where the entire camp heads out to the desert together, to party as a camp. 

      • Make a white outfit to bring for this night. Make it cool, make it sexy, make it crazy. Show your style. The more it looks like an outfit you’d feel comfortable wearing in the default world, the more disappointed you’ll be when you wear it on Playa

  •  Thursday Day

    • Cosmic Casbah Party

  • Friday night

      • Large burn, unique to the year

  • Saturday night

      • The Man burns!

      • We also go out together as a camp to watch the Man burn.

  • Sunday night

      • Temple Burn

Star Cluster_edited.jpg
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