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Welcome Home, Fam.


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Blurry Figure


Cosmic Casbah exists to build trust within a familial community while we pursue uninhibited freedom to heal through art, music, and self-expression. This takes place at Burning Man and continues every day for the rest of the year.
We began over a decade ago as a grassroots, galactic, middle-eastern themed camp. While this origin culture is infused into the heart of our operations, we welcome all people, of every identity; ultimately creating a tight-knit family that openly loves and supports one another.  On Playa, and in default.

Dance Parties
Gifting Bazaar
Tea Ceremonies


 smashing DJs that get your body moving and soul soaring, comfy cuddle puddles,
bright group color rides, a photobooth,
intriguing interactive light displays,
mesmerizing fire play,  
and so much MORE! 
Come Play with Cosmic Casbah
and see all we have in store

man burns.webp

the man

burns in

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